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68 - Len Venne

Pending SCSR Race Ready Certification
No. Current S-397 Stockcars have an option for low downforce as used at Eagle Creek, but I have found the supposed low downforce setting to be faster on High banked ovals. So I think I have used one of the others. I have compensated with lower track grip until the physics are fixed.

The SCSR skin pack uses the exact same physics.
MSRL Announcements / Re: MSRL Daytona 100
« Last post by 3 Phillip Stocks on Today at 06:24:58 PM »
Points are posted and are have been integrated to the :
SCSR Homepage:
MSRL League Page:

Congrats to Jack Martel on the WIN!
Number = 63
Driver = Springer Wahl
Team Name = clanAOD Racing
Team Founded = 1999
Team Headquarters = International

Car Skin file name = SCSR_63.DDS

Done. Added to the next Carset Release.
MSRL Announcements / Re: MSRL Tracks
« Last post by 73 Dave Martin on Today at 03:42:50 PM »
You can, but we run some tracks that aren't on Steam, and it's a faster download.
Driver=112 Ron Caranci
Team Name=Ram Racing(North West Service Centre)
Team Founded=2000
Team Headquarters=Toronto,Ontario,Canada

Done. Added to the next Carset Release.
MSRL Announcements / Re: MSRL Tracks
« Last post by 38 Clayton Wiggin on Today at 03:00:18 PM »
Why not use steam ? JW
Announcements! / Re: FAQs: rFactor2 StockCars SCSR Carset
« Last post by 19 Doug Atkinson on Today at 02:56:47 PM »
We running low downforce, like they do in NASCAR now?
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