Author Topic: sorry to Don and Terry  (Read 437 times)

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I'm sorry Don and Terry,

did not want to wrech you guys, the new crew chief I install this week never told me a car was there, I saw both of you in my mirros but i really thought I was clear, so, I push Terry up and when you appeared in the right virtual mirror I lifted and Don went in that place so I wrech Don


20 Terry Kelligrew

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don"t worry about it Bruno!
All good here mate, just a little advice was all, in the heat of the moment, u know.
c u on the track again soon i hope!
cheers! Terry
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Its all good Bruno, pooh happens, I'm sorry if I was out of line, was just trying to say if you wreck anyone, its probably not a good idea to wreck an admin. Hope you know i respect your driving and would like to see you on the track again, just don't stay out on old tires :)
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