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Season 7


Best 7 of 9 race results count towards the championship.

Thursday, February 2 - Charlotte (Mountain Peak)
Thursday, February 9 - Las Vegas  (Garry track)
Thursday, February 16 - Phoenix  (Garry track)
Thursday, February 23 - Fontana (Apple Valley)
Thursday, March 2 - Texas  (Garry's track)
Thursday, March 9 - Richmond  (Northside)
Thursday, March 16 - Talladega (Alabama)
Thursday, March 23 - Kansas (Garry's track)
Thursday, March 30 - Charlotte (Mountain Peak)

Note schedule change. Unfortunately Atlanta, Martinsville, and Bristol are still in development and are not anticipated before the end of Season 7. The opening NASCAR season races have been followed as closely as possible with Charlotte representing the opening track.


8:25pm EST - Game server reboot. Teamspeak server stays online.
8:30pm EST - Drivers join race server and Teamspeak server to get the password.
8:35pm EST - Open practice until qualifying. You must be on the server at the end of this session to join qualifying.
8:45pm EST - Qualifying (5 minutes, unlimited laps).
8:55pm EST - Warmup.
9:00pm EST - Race (approximately 90 minutes).


Qualifying for Season 7 will be 2 rounds of Knockout qualifying. Round 1 is 6 minutes with unlimited laps; round 2 is 3 minutes with unlimited laps.

All drivers should maintain quiet during the qualifying session to not distract those who are making their qualifying attempts.

To qualify, you need to be on the server after reboot and before practice switches to qualifying. Once qualifying has started, drivers will not be able to join the session, and will need to wait until warmup to join the server. This is to avoid any sudden jerking of the screen when a driver joins the server.

If someone drops connection during qualifying, their already posted time will represent their qualifying attempt. If no time is established, they will join the back of the field.


There will be no restarts for crashes except where the race admin calls a red flag. The determination to call a red flag is at the sole discretion of the race admin for that event.

There will be no restarts for drivers missing the 60 second call up.

There will be one restart for a driver dropping connection when the server switches from Warmup to Race. This is available once per event and if the driver or other drivers drop connection on the second attempt, the race will not be restarted again.

Restarts will always be based on restarting Warmup and allowing it to run for the full 5 minute session. This is to allow the server and drivers to sync connections.


Latest rFactor 2 Steam build
Flag rules: full
Fuel Usage: normal
Tire Usage: normal
Mechanical Failure: normal
Real Road Progression: normal
Race Time Scale: normal
Type of start: track default (pace car + formation lap)
Driving Aids: auto-shift & clutch
Auto Pit Stop: off
Opposite Lock: off
Spin recovery: off
Parc Ferme: off
Damage Multiplier:100%
Crash Recovery: 0
Unique Vehicle Check: on
Custom skin uploading: unavailable
Enforce Full Names: on
Virtual Mirrors Available: yes
Track Race Start Time: 12pm (unless noted otherwise)
Restarts: none unless race admin calls red flag
Real Road Preset: custom rrbin per race
Forced Driving View: no
Upgrades: open
Setups: open
Rejoin: on
UNDQ: on
Weather is always partly cloudy. Temperature will vary according to the actual track location's weather.


We are having too many silly incidents with drivers catching corners of cars and turning them, not watching for cars around them, and trying to force a car into a line of cars.

The live admin will clear or assign penalties during the races as required.

Penalties will be assessed as:
Drive through
10 second Stop/Go
30 second Stop/Go

Any intentional wrecking will be assessed with a removal from the server for that race, and possible ban for a race, the series, or the league.

Do not challenge a penalty while the race is in progress.

If you want to protest an assigned penalty, you need to submit a private message to Doug Atkinson stating which lap, the penalty, and why you are protesting the penalty.


Password: scsr
Channel: SimHQ Motorsports Lobby

All drivers are required to monitor Teamspeak to be eligible to race.
The server password will only be available after reboot on Teamspeak.
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