Author Topic: New League joining SCSR - As Real As It Gets (ARAIG)  (Read 221 times)

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Hi everyone. 

Just a little bit of background to a new League joining the SCSR crew for 2017:-

As Real As It Gets (commonly known as ARAIG) started way back in September 2010 as a League within the Race2Play framework.

We ran ARCA Sim Racing from that point through to April 2016 (ARCA, then ASRX), from which point we moved over to rFactor 2 with the ISI Dissenter and ISI 2015 Stock Car.

Race2Play has officially closed it's doors after 10 years at the end of 2016, and we're lucky enough to be joining you guys here at SCSR from 2017 onwards.

We run events once every two weeks on a Saturday late afternoon/early evening, so won't clash with any of the Leagues currently running here.


Admin duties will be undertaken for the most part by myself,  Andy Graydon. So, who am I? Here's a bit of background:-

Sim Racing since 2001 with Formula 1 games such as Microprose GP3 and GP4. Helped run the F1VWC - now known as the GPVWC (an F1 related league with Team Owners able to change physics of cars in GP3 or GP4 - adding that extra bit of realism!!).

F1VWC ended in 2008, so came over to Race2Play in June of that year. Mainly a GTR2 man to start with, but branched into several Sims since.

Had NASCAR 2003 but never played online, then bought ARCA in December 2008. Loved the Sim, and what's even better was racing against some great guys (fast, but helpful too!).

When R2P stopped running ARCA at the end of 2009 I created ARAIG in 2010 as a league within R2P to continue racing Stock Car racing.  Over the years we've run 26 Series with over 176 Events.


Some of our R2P regulars will be making the move with us to SCSR. We're a very friendly bunch, love the chit chat on teamspeak and just simply enjoy our Sim Racing.

Looking forward to seeing you on track here at SCSR.