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Here are the general rules for the IronMan Racing Series

Server Info and Start Times

Server Name: Wed
Server reboot 7:30pm est
Official Practice starts at 8pm est,
Qualifying at 9pm est
Drivers Meeting at conclusion of Qualifying
Race starts after Drivers Meeting and 10min Warmup Session


1. Drivers are required to show up Ready to Race. There is sufficient time to ensure your wheel, Teamspeak, tracks, are downloaded and installed and are ready to use prior to race start times. The race schedule is posted in the forums and any new/unreleased tracks will have the links provided there. If for some reason you are unable to get things working before race day, show up early in practice and we will help you get set up. DO NOT SHOW UP 5 MINUTES PRIOR TO RACE OR QUALIFYING. You will not be allowed to race.


1. Teamspeak is required to participate in the race. Teamspeak address is : pw - scsr.
You do not need a mic, just the ability to hear the other drivers and the Drivers meetings.
2. Watch your language, you will be broadcasting into everyone's living room, keep the language to family levels.
3. Do not flame on Teamspeak, if you having a problem/issue with another driver, please refrain from arguing over group channel, take it outside. Flaming comes with a harsh and stiff penalty and possible ejection from the league.
4. Please keep Teamspeak chatter to a minimum, use whisper to chat among your buddies, during cautions please allow the admins the floor, if no issues/drama going on your free to chat it up. Most drivers like it quiet for racing so please respect their wishes.


1. Although we want to promote friendly chat and get to know each other on teamspeak. The administrators have priority on teamspeak during the race and may close public chat from time to time. please set up your whisper buttons to communicate with other drivers at these times.
2. During green flags runs, please keep public chat to only race related items, , example; '83 Kelligrew pitting', 'pass low', 'old tires, staying high', etc.
3. When the caution first comes out, public chat is closed, the admins have the floor, public chat will reopen during yellow flags, only when the administrators give the OK and will close again on the 'one to go' signal.
4. Please make sure your mic is turned on for the race and communicate your pitstops, if your wanting drivers to pass you inside or outside, or any other race related items. Not everyone sees the message on screen. 

IronMan Racing Series Tire Rule

1. You start the race with 4 tires on the car.
2. You have an additional 8 tires in the pits for the duration of the race
3. You may change tires as you wish during pit stops, lefts only, rights only, lefts and rights, or none
4. For each additional set of tires (2) you take above the allotted amount, a 1 lap penalty will be applied to you at the end of the race.


1. Drive with Respect. Race everyone as you would like to be raced, try to make clean passes, don't be the cause of ruining someone's fun.
2. The leader/pole sitter controls the starts and restarts. Stay beside the leader/pole sitter (slightly behind) until the green. do not jump the start.
3. No passing before start/finish line on race start and subsequent restarts. Don't change lanes, stay in line until you pass the start/finish line.
4. Pitting in will be off turn 4 and exit pits staying on apron until after turn 2 and merge onto backstretch. (this may be track specific and will be addressed in the drivers meeting).
5. Announce on Teamspeak/in game chat box that you will be pitting. ie "90 Robillard pitting". Give everyone at least a half a lap notice.
6. When pitting stay to the right until 2-3 stalls before your own, try not to drive through the other cars pit stalls.
7. When the yellow comes out hold your position, DO NOT PASS, follow game instructions until given green flag.
If you feel you have been given a bogus penalty, let the admins know prior to the green so it can be cleared. Make sure you give time to discuss circumstances and clear the penalty, not just as we are coming to the green.
8. We can't stress this enough MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW GAME INSTRUCTIONS, if you get out of place it could cause a lot of penalties throughout the field. It is YOUR responsibility to monitor and adhere to in game messages. 
9. All Drivers please note. Lucky Dog pass cars to the Left. ( RFactor2 defaults the lucky dog to pass on the left, to do otherwise would add confusion to the game as the game instructs you to "pass to the left").
10. At any time, for the sake of fair play, Admins reserve the right to clear a penalty or penalties because of a scoring error in game.

Server Restarts

The following criteria will be used to determine race restarts;
1. Players get dropped from the server when it switches between sessions.
2. The caution is displayed before the leader crosses the start/finish line before the first lap is completed (1 time only).
3. Red Flag called by the Administrators, to be used at their discretion.

Race Restarts

1. There will be 2 attempts to get the race underway during a restart, if a third attempt is required, the field will restart single file with no passing until the end of turn 2.
2. If you cause a caution on the restart you will be asked to drive down pit road on the 'one to go' lap and take your place at the end of the line.
3. This is on the honor system here, own up if you caused the caution, its better than being called out by the admin.

Pit Road

1. Always enter pit road to the Left of the cone.
2. Obey pit road speed at all times.
3. Stay to the right all the way down pit road until you get 3-5 spaces from your own stall, than you may move over and enter your stall. Try not to drive through the neighboring Driver's stalls.
4. Do Not pass on pit road (exception here, if car ahead very slow, passing is allowed, but announce on Teamspeak that your doing so)
5. When leaving the pits move to the far right until the end of pit road.
6. Please pay attention in the Driver's meetings for specific track pit entry/exit instructions.

These rules are general for the IronMan Racing Series and are subject to change. Any track specific rules will be discuss during the drivers meetings prior to the races.
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