HORL Saturday Night Thunder




Our Mission/Goals

We are an invite only series, formed on the idea, that if we could have a group of drivers with the same attitude towards racing, to get together for one night a week to have a race that was free from unnecessary cautions, with respectful clean drivers, all having the same attitude; running clean, saving the car, working on pit stragety and being in position to win at the end.

Our goal is to provide the same, a place to race for those of us who are a looking for 'serious fun', being able to run our own style of race to see who comes out on top at the end.


Our Motto

First I must finish, then I'll worry about winning.


Congradulations to 85 Tom Mckeever 2017 Fall Season Champion

Server Info

Server Name: StockCarSimRacing.com-Sat

Mod Name: HORL Saturday Night Thunder

Server Times: Practice Starts      @ 8:00 pm EST

                       Qualify Starts         @ 9:00 pm EST

                       Drivers Meeting     @ 9:35 pm EST

                       Warm-up                @ 9:40 pm EST

                       Race Starts             @ 9:45 pm EST


Season Schedule:

December 16, 2017 - Daytona International Speedway 

December 23, 2017 - Pocono Raceway

December 30, 2017 - Talladega Super Speedway

January 6, 2018 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

January 20, 2018 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

January 27, 2018  - Talladega Super Speedway

February 3, 2018  -Pocono Raceway

February 10, 2018  -Daytona International Speedway


Race Recap Indianapolis January 6, 2017

Winner 71 Jim Barisoff

2nd  12 John Stanley

3rd Jesse Simon

Race Stats:

Margin of victory - 1.097 seconds , Race length: 87 laps, 7 caution for 28 laps, 13 leads changes among 8 drivers, Fastest lap: Brandon Hastings - 49.076 Seconds  (lap 2),  Most laps led: 63 Gary Madew - 37 laps, Pole: Brandon Hastings - 48.523 seconds,  Field size - 12 cars. Most Positions gained - Jesse Simon - 10 positions, Race time 95:37 minutes

Series Info

The things We will be looking at to select drivers are;
  1. Tenure here at SCSR
  2. Driving habits - Car Control, Agressiveness/Attentiveness, Cautions caused (directly on indirectly)
  3. Participation level - How often you run here at SCSR
  4.  SCSR Points Manager Driver Rating
  5. Internet Connection - you must be able to maintain a ping of 150ms or less


Fixed Setups

Server Settings

  • 50% races 
  • Full flags/75% damage
  • Green Surface for practice, naturally progressing
  • Partial Clouds/75f
  • 12 race season (drop worst 2)
  • Cause more than 6 cautions - sit out a race, cause 8 or more cautions - dropped from series , will have to wait for new season to start.

There will be one restart for dropped drivers and no race restarts. Drivers are encouraged to watch their driving habits, as they can be uninvited as easily as they were invited.
To qualify for the series the driver must be in the top 40 in the SCSR Points Manager Rating, or a founding member of SCSR and must be approved by the league admin.

Additional Rules:

  • 2 Caution Rule in effect - if you cause 2 cautions, please park it for tonight, on probation next race, cause another caution, sit the next one out.
  • Reach 6 cautions-  miss 1 race + probation 2 races-cause caution in those 2 races - dropped from series.
  • Cause 8 or more cautions during season, dropped from season, will have to wait for new season to start.
  • Drivers Take Responsibility - If you cause a caution claim responsibility for it, all races will be reviewed, if you caused a caution and did not claim it, you will be deducted 1 lap from the results.
  • EOL penalty for causing caution - if you cause a caution, you will be asked to drive down pit road under the 'One to go' and take your position at the end of the field.
  • All other HORL Rules remain in effect.
  • Admin Decision is Final.

Timing & Scoring