Oceania NASCAR League

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We are bringing Stockcar Racing back to Australia. Come join us wherever you are on the Planet!

36 race series as per real life, with a unique chase.

Follows real Nascar schedule.

SCSR: http://stockcarsimracing.com/garage2/index.php?board=177.0
Aussie home: http://in2simgamers.wixsite.com/rfactor2wec/copy-of-series-information-1


Click for 2017 Season Schedule


Race Times

Server will be open for practice one hour prior to race.
Race start time 8pm AEST Sunday (Australian eastern standard time)
5am EST Sunday (US eastern standard time) 10:00 GMT Sunday
Please be on server about 30 mins before race (to catch some practice and qualifying)

Open Setups - Setups will be provided prior to race if you do not have one.

Points System

New points system rewarding WINNING!

Wins will count first, points used as a tie breaker. There will be a chase for the last 10 races. Top 12 will be in Chase. 1 Driver with the least wins (lowest points if equal) will be eliminated each week of the Chase. After 9 weeks, 3 will be left to battle for the championship at Homestead. The driver with the most wins will have the advantage. 2nd and 3rd in the standings will have to win to rip the title from the Series leader.

Click here for a breakdown of points awarded for finishing position.

Car Skins

We will be using the default in-game skin uploads provided by rFactor 2. You will be able to upload your own skins.


We encourage drivers to join us on Teamspeak Address pw=scsr,
Participation on teamspeak is mandatory for all races. You don't need to speak if you choose not to, but you must be able to hear the other drivers and the Driver's Meeting. Teamspeak Channel: Oceania Nascar Racing Lobby/Race (Sunday)