The Steve Fries Memorial 200

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On Saturday December 3, 2016 we will be running a 200 lap race at Michigan to pay our respects to the founder of the High Octane Racing League, Steven H. Fries. Steve founded HORL in 2001 and was it's league administrator until his passing in September 2011.

Steven H. Fries, age 62, of Holland, Ohio, passed away on Wednesday, September 7, 2011, in his home. Steven was born in Sandusky on February 28, 1949, to Herbert and Shirley (Garrett) Fries. He married Bonnie Krawetzke in Toledo on November 16, 1984. Steven worked as a computer technician for various companies prior to him going on disability. In his spare time, he enjoyed helping his friends, tinkering in his garage and building and racing cars. He will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.

Steve's favorite racetrack was Michigan and he loved racing there. To honor Steve, we will be running a full-length race at his favorite track.


Our three current SCSR rFactor2 racing leagues will combine forces to bring you this Special Event.

The qualifying and race format will be different than any other league nightly event. We will split the Event into 2 nights with one night for qualifying, and the second night for the race itself.


Qualifying (Friday, December 2nd)

We will hold two 40-lap qualifying races on Friday, December 2nd. You need to join the servers by no later than 8:30 pm EST.

8:00 pm EST - Practice Starts

8:30 pm EST - Drivers on SCSR Teamspeak and the Race Server

8:50 pm EST - Qualifying for Qualifying Race 1

9:00 pm EST - Qualifying Race 1

9:45 pm EST - Qualifying for Qualifying Race 2

9:55 pm EST - Qualifying Race 2

If we have more than 20 drivers, we will split the field into 2 Qualifying Races with...

odd-number qualifiers starting Qualifying Race 1

even-number qualifiers starting Qualifying Race 2

The winner of Qualifying Race 1 starts on the pole for the Steve Fries Memorial 200, and the finishing results of Qualifying Race 1 form the inside line for the Steve Fries Memorial 200.

The winner of Qualifying Race 2 starts on the outside-pole for the Steve Fries Memorial 200, and the finishing results of Qualifying Race 1 form the outside line for the Steve Fries Memorial 200.

If we get less than 20 qualifiers, we will still run two Qualifying Races with the winners of Qualifying Races 1 and 2 forming the front row.

The remaining grid positions will be determined by each drivers results in Qualifying Races 1 and 2 using their averaged finish.


Race (Saturday, December 3rd)

This is such a great track, no wonder it was Steve's favorite! Multiple grooves and high speeds, it tends to lend itself to lots of side-by-side racing and close finishes. A big thanks to Garry Cross for bringing it to us in rFactor2!

The fixed setup handles great here and tires will last a full fuel run.

We will hold the race on Saturday, December 3rd. You need to join the servers by no later than 7:30 pm EST.

7:00 pm EST - Practice Starts

7:20 pm EST - Server Reboot / Server Password Assigned - Password Available Only on Teamspeak*

7:30 pm EST - Drivers on SCSR Teamspeak and the Race Server

8:00 pm EST - Race

Tip: Use the track bar adjustment as the track rubbers in and the fuel burns off.



  • rFactor2 Version: Current Build 1098, Steam or non-Steam
  • Rules: Full w/o DQ
  • Damage Multiplier: 50%
  • Setups: Open (setups available)
  • Driving Aids: Auto Shifting, Auto Clutch
  • Tires: 1x
  • Fuel: 1x
  • Starting Track Conditions: Light Rubber with Naturally Progressing
  • Weather: Sunny / Light Wind / Temperature 75ºF
  • Track Starting Time: 1:00 pm
  • View: open
  • Rejoin: on

Race Server

The race server is now online for practice 24/7

Name: SCSR - Steve Fries 200
Password: No password until server reboot on Saturday night just before the race


Teamspeak Server

*We require all drivers to be on Teamspeak for events

Join the SCSR Teamspeak server HORL channel lobby and we will pull new drivers into the race sub channel

Password: scsr
Channel: High Octane Racing League Lobby


Closing Comments

StockCarSimRacing.comThis is just one of the SCSR Special Events we plan to run over the next several weeks, so please make a note on your calendar to join us for this race. It is not often we can run a 100% race at a track like Michigan that guarantees lots of fun and excitement.

So please join us and pay respect to the Man who started High Octane Racing League and gave us what we have today!

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