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Our History

StockCarSimRacing.com (SCSR) was created in 2015 to provide the StockCar Evolution (SCE) community and its leagues a centralized location to interact and to communicate among its diverse membership.

It wasn't long before we recognized there was a need for a community hub for the various stockcar racing simulations, and not remain focused on one sim title.

SCSR was restructured in September 2016 to address that goal. StockCarSimRacing.com is now focused to facilitate the worldwide stockcar simulation community. Our "common thread" is enjoyment of stockcar racing simulations. SCSR is proud to provide a HUB that brings drivers together and strengthens the stockcar sim racing community!

It is NOT the intent of SCSR to get involved in individual league management, racing rules, or decision making. SCSR's focus is to provide stockcar sim racers tools to help build a stronger community.


SCSR provides the following benefits to our sim racing community Leagues:

  1) Responsive website with integrated sub-sections for each hosted League.

  2) Each league can develop their own area and maintain a presence in the SCSR Community.

  3) Promotional tools for each League includes areas for race reports and event winner's slide shows.

  4) New league management system for league series and special events points.

  5) Calendar with league schedule of events that is integrated within the website.

  6) League events can be viewed individually, over a specific span of time, or as all leagues activities.

  7) Downloads page that all leagues can use for their cars, tracks, and setup files.

  8) Teamspeak 3 dedicated channels for leagues with passwording and in-line TS3 downloading.

  9) Presence on our SCSR Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Steam social media sites.

10) Brand new responsive forum with dedicated individual league sections to discuss / announce event information.

11) Forum features include polls, image posting, and threaded formatting.

Get Started Racing with SCSR

Refer to our step-by-step instructions page how to proceed in joining our great community.

Have Questions?

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me at my email address: phil@stockcarsimracing.com.

- Phil

Phil Stocks
President & Administrator


Responsive Website

Responsive Website

League Management System

League Management System

Series Schedule of Events

Series Schedule of Events

Responsive Forums with Dedicated League Areas

Responsive Forums with Dedicated League Areas