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SimHQ Motorsports began in 2007 as a sub-section of the popular simulation enthusiast's site, In 2012, SimHQ Inc. President Doug Atkinson decided to separate SimHQ Motorsports into its own web site, and after 10 years of ownership, sold This allowed Doug to focus his interest on his favorite simulation genre, sim racing.


Since 2013 SimHQ Motorsports has hosted primarily road racing events and series for rFactor, rFactor2, Assetto Corsa, Raceroom, Project Cars, and iRacing. In addition to hosted racing events, SimHQ Motorsports has published dozens of articles about different facets of sim racing. SimHQ Motorsports also has active Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels.


SimHQ Motorsports is active in endurance road racing at Jimmi Allison's SimRacing.Club with multiple entries in each season.


SimHQ Motorsports also teamed-up with Ron Caranci and hosted the Stock Car Fixed Racing League in 2013-2014. When Ron retired from hosting, and as rFactor interest dwindled, Doug sought another co-host for StockCars.


That opportunity arrived when Mike Schreiner of SCE introduced and its owner Phil Stocks to Doug. Since early 2016, SimHQ Motorsports has been active in the dynamic growth of SCSR and looks forward to many years of participation as SCSR and rFactor2 evolves and grows.







All tracks are available in the rFactor2 Steam WorkShop.

SimHQ Motorsports uses the SCSR Carset.


The FAQs for rFactor2 are here.

The FAQ for the SCSR Carset is here.

rFactor2 Server

Name: Thur
Password: Open until race night. The server is rebooted just prior to qualifying and the server password is made available on Teamspeak.

Basic Race Settings

Setups: Open
Laps: 100
Vehicle: 1x Tires, 1x Fuel
Damage: 100%
Mod: SCSR Carset from rFactor2 Steam

SCSR Teamspeak

Password: scsr
Channel: SimHQ Motorsports Lobby

All drivers are required to monitor Teamspeak to be eligible to race.

Timing & Scoring

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SimHQ Motorsports SCSR Season Champions

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Timing & Scoring