High Octane Racing League (HORL)

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Congradulations 71 Jim Barisoff 2017 Spring Season Champion

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High Octane Racing League will be hosting a series of races on Friday nights. The purpose of the series will be to introduce/assist new/rookie drivers into the Rfactor 2 Stockcar sim. Please read our rules prior to participating in any events.


About Us

We are a group of senior men, who for the most of us, this is as close as we are going to get to driving a race car. We are respectful and clean drivers and expect new drivers to do the same. We believe the game should be fun for everyone and try to provide a fair and even playing field for everyone to enjoy.

Our History                                                                        

High Octane Racing League was founded in 2001 by Steve Fries, to give drivers a free to place to run that provided a clean/respectful racing environment. We lost Steve in 2011 due to Cancer, but his memory lives on. High Octane Racing League ran Papyrus sims until 2009 when we switched to rfactor Stockcar Evolution and finally Rfactor 2 Stockcars. High Octane is a league that prides itself in fair and somewhat serious competition with a group of drivers that are fast but very clean and respectful. This Core group of experienced drivers run with us every Friday Night and are willing to lend us their expertise on setting up the car, to driving habits and general Rfactor 2 problems. 


Our Format

We will be running a series of races maybe 3 races 2 short races of 20-30 laps and a race of 50-70 laps, the last race being a points race contributing to an overall series championship. The short races will give you a chance to get accustomed to the car and how it drives, practice pit stops, figure out fuel mileage, etc., to help prepare for the final points race.  All of our races are fixed setup, so if your new to the mod and like oval track racing, but aren't quite fimilar with setting up the car, don't worry already taken care of and we have driving coaches willing to lend a hand.


Race Server Info;

Server Name - StockCarSimRacing.com Fri

Server times - Race nights - Fridays - 7 pm - 11pm EST

Track/race details - Posted weekly in HORL Forums 



We encourage drivers to join us on Teamspeak Address pw=scsr,

Participation on teamspeak is mandatory for the final race, you don't need to speak if you choose not to, but you must be able to hear the other drivers and the Driver's Meeting.

So please come out and join us for this fun series, I would expect to see some good racing and close finishes.



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Race Reviews ,

Michigan June 16, 2017

Race Stats

Winner - 28 Travis Joiner

2nd - 54 Ed Palumbo

3rd - 58 Mitchel Smith

Margin of Victory - Finish under Caution, Race length - 73 laps, 5 caution for 15 laps,  8 leads changes among 5 drivers, Fastest lap 90 Todd Robillard - 37.089 seconds (lap 54),  Most laps led 141 Artur Vieira - 60 laps,  Pole 65 Dan Richter - winner Q race 1 and 7th in Q race 2, Most positions Gained 37 Chris Franz 16 positions, Field size - 23 cars.



Timing & Scoring